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Tis s the Season Bakery Gift

Tis s the Season Bakery Gift

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Your recipients will love these soft and chewy baked cookies from Acorn Baking Company.
Over two dozen delectable baked cookies are nestled in a canvas basket and includes favorites such as chocolate chip, white chocolate brownie, lemon, raspberry and more.

A great introduction to the decadent handmade creations of Acorn Baking Company.
Gift Size: 11” x 7” x 4”

Item 926 Includes:

  • Blondie Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (2pc)
  • Cookie Butter Cake (2pc)
  • Coffee Brownie w/Chocolate Chips (2pc)
  • Chocolate Brownie w/Chocolate Chips (2pc)
  • Blondie Brownie w/Chocolate Chips (2pc)
  • Coffee Brownie w/Chocolate Chips (2pc)
  • Lemon Cake (2pc)
  • Raspberry Cake (2pc)
  • Cookie w/Raspberry Filling (5pc)
  • Cookie w/Hazelnut Filling (5pc)
  • Cookie w/Lemon Filling (5pc)
  • Cookie w/Chocolate Filling (5pc)
  • Oatmeal Cookie (4pc)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie (4pc)