Courage, Hope & Strength: Breast Cancer Gift Basket

Courage, Hope & Strength: Breast Cancer Gift Basket

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Courage, Hope & Strength are just a few things needed to fight breast cancer, so why not let them know you are thinking of them by sending this beautiful gift basket. Not only will they receive delicious comfort food gifts like candy, chocolate, cookies and Pink Ribbon Pasta, they'll also receive some wonderful keepsakes as well. This is a perfect gift for a loved one or friend, or for use at any breast cancer fundraising event.

Dim: 16''L x 12''W x 8''H

Includes: Pink Teddy Bear with Pink Ribbon T-shirt Courage, Hope, Strength Pink Ribbon, Spiral Notebook and Pen Set - 60 pages, 'On the Wings of Hope' Pink Ribbon Pin, Pink Ribbon Lollipop - 2 of them, McSteven's Awareness Pink Hot Chocolate, Bloomsberry Pink Emergency Chocolate, Brown & Haley Cashew, Roca Buttercrunch Candy, 'Time Out' Strawberry Kiwi Dark Chocolate Truffles, Beth's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Primo Dolce Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Pasta Shoppe Pink Ribbon Pasta Bag ...in an Oval Dark Stained Gift Basket with Wooden Handles.

A portion of the proceeds from this product are donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to benefit breast cancer, education, screening and treatments.