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Frankie's Halloween Monster  Mash Tote

Frankie's Halloween Monster Mash Tote

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A Spooky Spin on a bootastic selection of chocolate treats and festively fun tricks. Frankie's gift tote includes a delicious variety of chocolate treats and a few tricks for the little goblins on your list.

The Frankie's Halloween Monster Mash Tote includes: Monster Gift Tote, Monster Relaxable Ball, Franks Slime in a Frankenstein Head, Monster Lollipop, Monster Fangs Ring Pop, Mini Dots Candies, Halloween Pats and pretzels, Pretzel M & M Candies, Gummy Mummy Candy, 2 Mini Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars, 2 Mini Gummy Body Parts, Marshmallow Eyeball, Long Arm Plush Monster, Mini Halloween Spinning Top, Mini Halloween Necklace, Mini Halloween Parachute Character and a Halloween Bracelet.