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Tranquil Lavender Vanilla Spa Gift Basket

Tranquil Lavender Vanilla Spa Gift Basket

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  • An assortment of Cru de Provence lavender vanilla scented spa products fills this lovely gift basket.
  • Bubble bath, bar soap, body scrub, bath salts, body butter and a hair towel fill this lovely basket.
  • A lavender sachet bag will keep the house smelling fresh and completes this tranquil spa gift basket.
  • Gift Size: 12" x 8" x 9"
  • Item 624 Includes:
  • Cru De Provence Lavender Vanilla Scented: Bath Salts (24.69 oz.)
  • Body Scrub (6.02 oz.)
  • Body Butter (6.7 oz.)
  • Bubble Bath (9.64 oz)
  • Canvas Sachet Bag
  • Hair Towel